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Sadaf Kanwal Social Media Target For Her Raunchy Photo Shoot

Sadaf Kanwal Social Media Target For Her Raunchy Photo Shoot

Remember the controversy that arose on her 24th Birthday which she celebrated in August with her closest friends. A controversial video containing the pictures of the event went viral on internet which possibly showed Sadaf kissing the lips of her very best friend and another supermodel from Pakistan, Fauzia Aman.
Check out the video and see for yourself.

The video received very bad comments from people all over Pakistan and Sadaf was backlashed a lot.
And now Sadaf is again on target.
She has done a bold photo shoot for Rizwan-ul-Haq and the picture is causing an uproar in the society. People are going mad over this pic.


See the reaction of the people on this photo.

sadaf-kanwal sadaf-kanwal

And many more…
There are several other occasions when Sadaf has been bullied for bold photo shoots and this is not the first time she has faced such comments.

sadaf kanwal

Sadaf responded to all this controversy by just saying,

#Theythinkicare ?

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People are very quick to pass their judgements but less they know that their judgements and opinions do not matter for others. What we think is good does not make it good or it cannot compel any other person to think that our choice is right. Everybody has his own life. Stop criticizing and spreading hate. Everyone is accountable for his own deeds. So just take a chill pill.


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