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Protests Erupt Over Rape, Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl In Pakistan

Protests Erupt Over Rape, Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl In Pakistan

The rape and murder of Zainab Ansari, a seven-year-old girl from Kasur, Pakistan has left the country in a state of shock. People are shouting and demanding justice for the girl and her family and #JusticForZainab has become the top trends on twitter. But still, no one is talking about the safety and protection of children in the country.


In the eastern region of Kasur, people are roaring for justice and are angry that the culprit who raped and murdered Zainab is still at large. Violent clashes between the police and the protesters have resulted in the death of two people.

The details

Zainab disappeared last week when she was returning from her Quranic classes and on Tuesday, her dead bod was found on a pile of garbage near her house. She had been living with her aunt as her parents had gone to perform Umrah.


The postmortem reports show that Zainab was strangled to death after being raped several times and she was sodomized too. Men has surely become a devil.

Zainab was not the only one

Prior to Zainab, the same men’s traces and DNA have been matched with previous 7 rape and murder cases according to police. The names of the girls who were killed after being raped are Aimaan Fatima, Fauzia, Noor Fatima, Sana, Asma and Laiba. These girls had been kidnapped from suburbs of Kaur in 2017 and dead bodies of them were found from different areas of Kasur.

Another girl missing

This incident to child abuse is not new to Pakistan.  When this incident is in the news and people are demanding justice another minor girl from Rawalpindi is missing from her house.

Child pornography scandal


Another incident from Kasur that shocked the whole nation was the child pornography scandal. At least 280 children were forced to have sex with adults and with each other and were filmed. Then there families were blackmailed that if they will not obey to them, the videos will be released. But lesser did the families know, the videos have already been published on the porn sites in Pakistan and abroad.

Aylan kurdi

Not only Pakistan, but the rest of the Muslim world is also a victim of child abuse. Have you heard about Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian kid who had been washed to death while travelling from Turkey to Europe to seek refuge?


The child’s father Abdullah Kurdi was taking his family to Canada to her sister, who had been living there for 20 years but failed to protect his wife and two sons when the ship on which they were travelling collapsed.


Aylan was not the only child who died in Syria because of the political situation out there. Every now and then we hear deaths of people and even children attacked through chemical bombings or bus attack or other types of murders. And not only Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Pre-Occupied Kashmir, Burma to name a few are facing deaths of their young and adults on a regular basis.


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