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Mistakes Guys Make That’ll Absolutely Ruin A First Date

Mistakes Guys Make That’ll Absolutely Ruin A First Date

First impression is the last impression.

From remaining silent in an awkward manner, to eat food while filling up your mouth without knowing how to speak now and where to look, there are a lot of fears that cause many couples to cancel their first date on the last minute or to escape from such a meeting at any cost.

But these are the least things which can make a date clumsy, there is much more you guys can do to literally ruin a date. Presenting to you the most common mistakes guys should avoid to have a successful date.

Showing up late


It is simply about manners and will leave a lasting bad impression about yourself on with the girl. If you don’t come on time on your first date, you will have an impression of never coming on time. We are the ones who take much time getting ready and we are the ones who are not punctual, and if you are the one who is the late-comer, it is really a deal breaker.

You talk about yourself, only


On a first date, talking to strangers seems quite awkward so it all ends up asking questions to each other. But if you keep talking about yourself, your life without asking anything to the girl, buddy it shows you are not interested so get muted or get lost.

Don’t comment about the Girl’s order


If you like to eat a double-decker burger of a double pack of French fries, you can have it or if you just ordered a plate of salad, but you don’t finish it up, that’s up to you. But don’t comment about the girl’s order, its simply none of your business.

Busy on the phone


You are a business person and every minute of yours is important, or you have to tell your friends that everything is going OK about the date, but leave it all when you are on date and concentrate on the girl, the girl who finds herself being ignored, doe not like to proceed with you. So be careful.



Girls never like guys who sit and start complaining about the little details of life. If you are tired by your day’s work or you don’t like your neighbor, or you how unorganized your last girlfriend was, we girls are not at all interested in all of these and ultimately you fail.

Make eye contact


Making eye contact with the girl makes her think that you like and adore her and that you are worth her time. Looking in the eyes is very important is far as dating is concerned. If you don’t make eye contact, that can make her think that you are not interested that is why you are not paying attention.

Don’t be pushy

Don’t try to push her towards kissing or giving her impression that all you want is sex. Doing these things at you first date is not good for your future relationships. Showing her respect will make her ready for sex sooner than you think.

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