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girl in the box


Girl in the box

Girl in the box

In 1977, a 20-year-old girl Colleen Stan was kidnapped by a couple and held prisoner in Northern California. She was forced to spent most of her time in a wooden box and was freed only when the captor wanted to beat her up, rape her and torture her.

girl in the box

This incident took place on May 19, 1977 when Colleen Stan was hitchhiking from her home in Eugene to go for a birthday party at her friend’s house in Northern California. She refused wo to three rides as she thought the riders suspicious and dangerous, but when she was offered a ride by a couple Cameron Hooker, 23, and his 19-year-old wife Janice in a blue van, she accepted as the couple looked like a family carrying their 8-month-old daughter.

When they stopped at a fuel station, Colleen’s sixth sense warned her that she should run for her life, but she ignored all these thoughts as a sign of anxiety.

When the blue van reached a remote area, Cameron held a knife at Colleen’s throat and told to do what was ordered. Then he forced Colleen to wear a box on her head, Hence Girl in the Box.

girl in the box

Cameron Hooker was a specialized carpenter and had made the 20-pound wooden box himself. the box had sound-proofing material inside it to stop Colleen’s voice from coming out and it also restricted Colleen from hearing others.

The couple took Colleen to their house’s basement, tied her up with the ceiling fan, Camron beat her wildly, and then the couple had sex under the table at which Colleen was hanging.

After her first night of torture, she was forced to sleep in a wooden box similar in size to a crate, allowing her only to sit, it had not enough space that Colleen could lay down. And also, she was bound by chains.

From box, to coffin

girl in the box

But eventually, the couple had to move to a mobile area where they had no basement, so Cameron designed another wooden box having the dimensions of a coffin and bound Colleen in that box. The box had small holes for Colleen to breathe and the temperature of the box often reached 100 degrees. Cameron kept this box under his water bed.

Colleen was allowed to leave the box only for an hour or two, that means for several years, Colleen spent almost 23-hours-a-day in that box. He had a bed-pan beneath her in the box which she would place under her to get rid of her wastes. She was served with food scrapes to eat.

Slave Agreement

She was forced to sign a slave agreement saying that she had given herself to Cameron and he can do anything to her as he wishes. She was routinely raped, beaten, deprived of food, burnt, electrocuted and tortured in every possible way that Cameron wished.

girl in the box

Why was Cameron doing this and why was his wife supporting him?

This was the biggest question. Cameron must be a psychopath, this seems the explanation. But the second question is important, why his wife was involved in all this? Well, the answer is simple, Cameron’s wife was herself targeted with her husband’s torture, so she agreed with her husband to abduct a girl and keep her as a sex slave, but she kept only one objection. That Cameron cannot have penetrated sex with the girl.

The Company

Cameron named Colleen as ‘K’ AND Colleen was made to call him master. Cameron continuously brain-washed her that he is a part of a secret organization, ‘The Company’, which is constantly watching Colleen and if she ever tries to escape, the organization will kill her along with her family. Collen had several times the opportunity to flee, but she never ran as she was scared of The Company.

Meeting her family

girl in the box

In March 1981, Colleen was allowed to meet her family, but she was so brain-washed that she introduced Cameron as her Fiancé and never told anything about the torture she was going through to her family. Her family thought she had joined any sort of a cult that is why she is so silent.

 Cameron wanted to give Colleen his wife’s place

In 1983, Cameron’s wife told Colleen everything about The Company that it is fake, and no such organization exists. She did this because she was afraid that Cameron is going to replace her with Colleen so in 1984, Colleen escaped with the help of Cameron’s wife after seven years.

Even after being free, Colleen did not tell anyone about her Ordeal

girl in the box

Cameron’s wife, Janice made Colleen promise that she would not tell anyone or any authority about her ordeal or about Cameron before letting her go. Janice thought her husband could be reformed with the help of therapy and prayers. But when Janice noticed that Cameron is getting worse every day, she with the help of her Pastor’s advice complained against Cameron. On Nov 18, 1984, after months of this incident, Cameron was arrested.

Colleen was not the only girl

girl in the box

Janice Hooker was not obliged with any charges as she herself was a victim of physical and mental abuse by her husband. She had no choice than to obey him. during prosecution. Janice revealed that one year before abducting Colleen, her husband had abducted another 19-year-old girl, Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, on January 31, 1976 in the same way as Colleen that is they picked her up when she was hitchhiking in Chico, CA. But Cameron tortured and murdered her but sadly her body was never found so Cameron was not accused with this obligation.

Cameron Hooker will be allowed for a Parole in 2030

Cameron has served 25 years in prison and according to law, he had been given a parole which is normally given to elderly people above 60 years of age and have served 5 years in prison. However, the good news is the board has denied the parole and Cameron will not be able to have another hearing before 2030 when he would be 75-years-old.

Colleen had intensive therapy after she was set free, had a degree in accounting, married and is now a grandparent. She is trying to help other women who have been victims of abuse.

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