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Celebrities Who Give High Rides To The Marijuana Business

Celebrities Who Give High Rides To The Marijuana Business

After giving boost to the alcohol industry, celebrities have now turned their attention towards the marijuana business.

It all starts with Sean Diddy Combs and Bethenny Frankel who initiated the endorsements for alcohol brands, it ha started a new trend and we see musicians and actors and well, Bethenny Frankel again for the endorsement of marijuana.

Presenting to you celebrities who are investing in the lucrative business of marijuana.

Snopp Dogg


Snopp Dogg, the rapper, also known by the name, Snopp Lion has never been ashamed of his habit of smoking Marijuana. Even he is so shameless that he claimed he had finished a pot in the bathroom at the White House.  So to boost this habit, Snopp Dogg has teamed up with a vaporizer company, Grenco Science to create the Double G Series. The fans can get the product for just $85 and will also get a road map of the rapper’s hometown, Long Beach, Califf.

Lil Wayne


Marijuana business has not only attracted Snopp Dogg as a rapper but other rappers are in this business, too. Take for instance, Lil Wayne who also targeted the marijuana users by designing a vaporizer along with a line of cigars, called the Bogey Cigars which were formerly called the Bogey Blunts.

Bob Marley


The reggae legend has been dead for three decades, but everyone is aware of his love for marijuana. By the end of 2014, Bob Marley’s family joined hands with pot-focused venture capital firm Privateer Holdings to produce a series of marijuana strains by the name of the legendary singer, Marley Natural. This brand is available in the areas where marijuana is legal in some form.

Bethenny Frankel


The reality show star has previously made a huge cash as she vended her Skinnygirl line of low calorie alcohol drinks including margaritas, vodka, wine, etc to Beam Inc. and earned almost more than $100million in 2011. She is still in business with the Beam Inc. and now is trying to expand the business by developing a line of Skinnygirl marijuana.

Wiz Khalifa


The black and yellow rapper talked to the host Chelsea Handler, and told that he has lined up a marijuana sponsorship with a San Francisco Medical Dispensary and they sell the Khalifa Kush Cannabis strain. And he also made an agreement with them that he will get all his legal weed for free.

Tommy Chong


Tommy Chong has previously gone to jail about a decade ago for for selling marijuana pipes and bongs online. But now again Chong is in the business and he has created a Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe, a line of dry clothing wipes which will be and can be used to eliminate the odor of marijuana or tobacco smoke from smokers’ clothes. He is also planning to establish his marijuana strain with his longtime comedy partner Marin.

Melissa Etheridge


The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, Melissa has thought something else for the marijuana lovers who want to enjoy marijuana without the smoke. She is creating a wine brand in which marijuana will be infused. Intelligent, huh? She is a medical supporter of marijuana which she used to combat breast cancer.


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